Adopted Roads Gazetteer

(Ref. Highways Act 1980 Section 36(6) & (7))

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This List of Streets Gazetteer contains all highways which are maintainable at public expense (commonly referred to as "adopted roads") within Cheshire East and are the responsibility of the Regeneration Service. This includes most metalled ("tarmaced") roads and some surfaced urban footways. This information is made freely available in accordance with the Cheshire East's obligation under The Highways Act 1980, Section 36 (6) & (7). This list has been prepared using the best available information from records, at the time of publication. It does not however constitute a definitive statement as to the status of any particular highway.

The Gazetteer only provides information as to whether a highway is publicly maintainable or not by length and does not infer the lateral extent of adoption, for example whether or not a grassed verge is maintained by Cheshire East Council.

If you require additional information to that provided in the Gazetteer or a formal response from the Cheshire East on the adoption status of a highway there is a charge. In order to obtain a quote for the information you require please send details of the location you are interested in to the Adopted Highways Team (full address given below) referring to the highways you wish to know the adoption status of - the inclusion of a map highlighting the property and/or Street's will assist in answering your query. Work will commence on the enquiry upon receipt of payment, a response will normally be received within 20 working days.

Comments, feedback and enquiries relating to this site should be directed to:
Regeneration Service,
Cheshire East Council,
6th Floor: Delamere House,
Delamere Street,
Crewe, Cheshire CW1 2LL
Or email the Adopted Highways Team.

Details of other Public Rights of Way which are maintainable at Public Expense can be obtained from the Public Rights of Way unit at the address below:
Public Rights of Way Team,
Cheshire East Council,
2nd Floor: Old Municipal Buildings,
Earle Street,
Crewe, CW1 2BJ
Phone: 01270 686158
Cheshire East Council  Telephone: 0300 123 55 00
Westfields, Middlewich Road, Sandbach, CW11 1HZ